To become a guest at Redlands Rover Ranch, we must first complete the following three steps:

1. Download and fill out the two documents on this page.

2. Schedule a Pet Parent Tour- This tour is for people only. Please leave doggies at home. We want to give you the opportunity to meet us and see Rover Ranch. You know your dog better than anyone. If you feel he or she will be happy at Rover Ranch, then we proceed to number three.

3. Try Out Day- Your dog will get a free "Try Out" day. He or she will spend a day at Redlands Rover Ranch so we can get to know him or her and see if they are happy at Rover Ranch.

Get started

The Wag Wagon parks inside so we can safely unload your pet

The Kitty Casita has many windows so cats can lounge in the sun

View of 2 dog yards and rear entrance to dog rooms