Our new training and indoor playroom 

Dog Suites

 Guests who are social can play in groups

Nap on an elevated bed

Families with big and small dogs can share space

Suites are 144 Square Feet.

We provide elevated dog beds with soft padding. If your pet is staying in a private suite, he may bring his bed from home. 

We do not put people furniture in our suites. Many of our guests are in training and are not allowed on furniture in their family home.

Our outside play yards have synthetic grass and dog door access.

Our private suites are $65 per night

$45 for each additional pet.



Perhaps your pup is not into the social scene. Maybe he needs his own space. Rover Ranch now offers Pet Suites. A private room with comfy dog beds and a private or semi-private yard. Pet Suites are perfect for dogs that might be unhappy in large crowds, have special needs or pets that have not been neutered. Transport from Redlands in the Wag Wagon is available. Pet Suites are 15 minutes from our Redlands location. You may visit our alternative location by appointment on Saturday or Sunday.

Outside play yard