Sue Stevenson Feenstra, founder of Redlands Rover Ranch, has been a Dog Trainer and Canine Behaviorist for 20 plus years. Lifestyle Dog Training is about working with you on practical skills that are applicable to your life.  Training at your home is a great way to see how to use training skills that meet your indivual needs.

If you are too busy to work with your dog at home, then Bootcamp could be the answer. Your dog boards at Rover Ranch and trains here. You can participate during the training process or wait till training is complete to learn how to use your dogs new skills. Sue has hundreds of satisfied clients and her talant is in demand. Space is limited.

IN HOME DOG TRAINING  $100 per hour

In Home Dog Training is a "Pay as you go" program. Most clients do 4-6 classes.

We begin with a free evaluation. Sue will demonstrate techniques and outline a program that meets your individual needs.


$3700. Six Weeks

Your dog comes to Redlands Rover Ranch to board and train. Bootcamp includes follow up instruction with your family so you can apply your dogs new skills at home and in public. If you are traveling, remodeling your home, or you have a busy lifestyle, Bootcamp is a great option.